safety report

we are here for you. If you have experienced discrimination of any kind and are unsure of how to report, we want to help. You can stay anonymous, or we can send you a follow-up on how your case was handled.

how it works

fill out the form below and we will review your report. based on your story, we will do our best to notify the right people (venue manager, promoter, etc.) of the incident and provide them resourses to help them improve their show experience.  

what we can do

-alert the promoter/event organizer, venue, or artist of the incident

-connect the alerted parties with educational materials 

-help connect you to resources 


what we cannot do

-file cases with local authorities

-"call-out" on social media

we are not trained professionals. we are only here to connect the dots and provide educational materials to event organizers in hopes they can help create a safer environment. if you or someone you know is at risk for harm, please reach out to local authorities or medical professionals. 

safety report

would you like a report on how your case was handled? (if yes, please provide contact info)

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